Why Use International Corrosion Services

ICS was established in 2010 in Perth Western Australia and since its inception has been a market leader in the supply of quality products & services relating to the cleaning, descaling and pickling and passivation of stainless steel.

Our owners here at ICS have collectively over 100 years of experience in the safety and quality conscious oil and gas industry. Bringing a vast history and experience in quality, health and safety, systems and process areas, they bring a unique and established background into the core of all of ICS’ operations.

Here at ICS, we have an ISO 9001:2008 compliant (not accredited) Quality System that forms the cornerstone of the businesses practices and processes. Our purpose built facility in Forrestdale, completed in 2013, includes excellent infrastructure such as 10 tonne and 5 tonne overhead cranes.  Our facility also is equipped with 10-tonne forklifts and1000 square metres of both office, factory and laydown facilities.

Fully Compliant

However, it’s more than our facility that makes ICS unique, it’s also our people. Our staff here at ICS have a commitment to service. Dedicated to providing friendly, fast and efficient service, all of our team members work hard to ensure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Unlike many of our competitors, ICS is also fully compliant to all regulatory approvals including:

  • Dangerous Goods Storage Licence
  • Poisons Licence
  • Water Corporation Permit to Dispose of Industrial Waste
  • EPA Approval for Metal Shearing
  • Ongoing Emissions Assessment
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