19 Dec 2018

When trying to determine the optimal finishing for your stainless steel, understanding their differences and benefits will help you make the right decision. Stainless Steel Finishing: Blasting Using a media such as abrasive grits delivered under high pressure, blasting is used to clean metal parts. The finish of the product will determine which blasting levels […]

13 Dec 2018

Avesta (Böhler Welding) Avesta are well renowned experts in stainless steel, known globally for their expertise and experience within the industry. Avesta has applied this expertise in the design of their welding wires. Some of the key factors Avesta use when choosing the right materials for their welding wires are: Productivity Finishes Mechanical Properties Corrosion […]

06 Dec 2018

Range Introduction Hillmark has been a trusted name in the Australian range of appliance cleaning products, used and recommended for use alongside with the major brands in appliances, including Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Simpson, Maytag, Westinghouse and Kleenmaid. Owned and operated in Australia, Hillmark’s range has a focus on being environmentally friendly, biodegradable and time […]

29 Nov 2018

Introduction Duplex stainless steel refers to Alloy 2205 (UNS S31803 or UNS S32205) and is also a family of alloys which range from lean or standard duplex to super duplex stainless steel. Use of this family of duplex stainless steels continues to grow globally due to their strength and corrosion resistance. They also possess a […]

21 Nov 2018

Corrosion Resistance Properties of Stainless Steel Stainless steel is known and utilised for its corrosion resistance even in environments in which other materials would corrode. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to a thin oxide layer found on the surface of the steel, referred to as a ‘passive layer’, as it renders the […]

15 Nov 2018

Introduction In addition to our Avesta Stainless Steel Finishing Chemicals, we have also expanded our chemical treatment range to include several more options. This extended range includes: Dynamic Descaler Citric & Lactic Cee Bee Maritime Dynamic Descaler – Citric and Lactic Specially designed to remove water scale deposits from all variants of copper, steel, rubber […]

08 Nov 2018

International Corrosion Services carry a wide range of specialty stainless steel products, including a selection from the following premium brands: Avesta Callington Cee Bee Maritime Hillmark We also carry a range of incidental products for using and treating stainless steel and for keeping in your home, workshop or site offices. * All prices are GST-exclusive. […]

31 Oct 2018

Pickle and Passivation Overview Stainless steel has an extremely thin layer of chromium oxide which is commonly referred to as a ‘passive layer’. This layer provides stainless steel with its corrosion resistant properties. This corrosion resistance, however, can be compromised after welding, which destroys the self-passivating properties of stainless steel, leaving it unable to reform […]

25 Oct 2018

Avesta Moly-Drop Avesta Moly-Drop 960 is a stainless steel test kit specially designed to differentiate between stainless steel grades 304 and 316. When identifying stainless steel grades, appearance alone is not a reliable indicator. Confirming stainless steel grades is particularly important if contract documentation is unavailable or the source of your stainless steel is scrap, […]

18 Oct 2018

Introduction Callington Haven are a speciality chemical manufacturer, supplying for Aviation and Industry, and are locally based in New South Wales. They also operate across six continents, supplying specialty chemical products in over sixty countries! Callington are Australia’s largest supplier of chemicals for the welding market. They also hold a market leading position in pickling […]