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Avesta Cleaner 401

Avesta Cleaner 401, a heavy duty stainless steel surface cleaner for the treatment of superficial rust, oil and lime deposits. 

It will restore the surface, look and finish of stainless steel surfaces that may have been tarnished during use or fabrication.

Avesta Cleaner 401

Includes the removal of:

• Organic contaminants such as oil or grease
• Atmospheric staining such as water staining, tea staining, sea
• Surface rust
• Lime deposits

As contaminants (such as oil or grease) can inhibit the pickling process, making Avesta Cleaner 401 ideal to pre-clean prior to pickling.

Download a Fact Sheet for Avesta Cleaner 401
Download MSDS Avesta Cleaner 401

Atmospheric staining, as caused by sea  or rain water, tea staining, water scale or road salt can also be removed by using Avesta Cleaner 401.If used in conjunction with Avesta FinishOne Passivator 630, free iron can be removed from the surface, allowing the stainless steel protective layer to regenerate.

Before and After Result of Cleaning a Downpipe with Avesta 401 Cleaner