Onsite Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation

International Corrosion Services offers a convenient service of bringing the stainless steel cleaning and pickle and passivation process directly to our customers.  By visiting our customers directly, we’re able to treat large immobile stainless steel pieces or inbuilt plant and equipment that cannot be moved at all.

Commonly, International Corrosion Services mobilises onsite for either full pickle and passivation of the stainless steel, cleaning of the stainless steel or both treatment types.

Onsite pickle and passivation can be an isolated process of  treatment of the weld seams only, or coverage of the entire stainless surfaces inside and out with the use of containment barriers to allow spray application of the pickling and passivation chemicals.  Entire coverage of the surface ensures the treatment is fully compliant to the pickle and passivation standards.

Cleaning of early stages of stainless corrosion is also vital to improve the corrosion resistance performance and prolong the life of the asset.  Early stages of what is commonly termed “Tea Staining” is very unsightly but more importantly is possibly the early signs of the more serious issue of “pitting”.  It is crucial that the stainless steel is kept clean so that it can perform at its optimum corrosion resistance.

Our Expertise

International Corrosion Services has the onsite expertise to:

  • Identify the type of treatment required and develop a scope of works.
  • Develop site-specific treatment operating procedures in compliance with the standards.
  • Developing and implementing health and safety procedures (risk assessments included)
  • Implement ongoing corrosion maintenance programs to maintain the integrity of stainless steel structures
  • Bunding and waste capture process for collection and offsite disposal.
  • Quality Control of treatment [which can incorporate the use of the Forroxyl test as a means of ensuring the stainless steel is free from iron contamination.]
  • Issue a certificate of completion and conformity.