New Chemical Treatment Products

ICS have expanded their chemical treatment product & support range to include new chemical treatment products.  Additional to their Avesta Stainless Steel Finishing Chemicals Range ICS are now able to offer:

Dynamic Descaler Hydrochloric: A revolutionary descaler designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, mud and rust deposits from any water based equipment and piping. Features include powerful detergents and penetrating agents, a low foaming formula, contains superior corrosion inhibitors, and is biodegradable meaning it is safe to both humans and the environment.

It’s  applications are ideal for circulating through water passages in the water side of Heat Exchangers, coolers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers and condensers to produce the one of if not the fastest biodegradable descalers in the world.

Dynamic Descaller Citric & Lactic

A safe and effective product designed to remove water scale deposits from all types of copper, steel , rubber and all other materials used on water cooled and heated units alike. The product contains fortified low foaming wetting and penetrating agents contains no hydrochloric acid preventing corrosion to copper, brass galvanised and stainless steel substrates.

Applications. Suitable to most industries including the food, mining, bottling, refineries and marine with the Dynamic Descaler citric/ lactic being one of only two products approved for use on the Anzac Class ships of the Royal Australian Navy.

Cee Bee

Cee Bee Maritime Products are specifically designed to meet the needs of maintaining vacuum toilet systems and general lavatory maintenance. Consisting of both Gel and Liquid products the range is designed for removing hard water, urinary scale and accumulated waste product from vacuum, circulating and holding tank systems.

Coming Soon

Soon To Be Added the Range: Green Bio Clean M R Drain Cleaner Powder and Cee Bee M R Smart Toilet Cleaner

Applications for these Cee Bee Maritime products include any or all marine craft from ocean liners, aircraft carriers or your run-a-bout 55ft Randall (anything with a marine toilet system.)